Visual Studio 2015 Community

visual_studioVisual Studio 2015 Community is the full featured version of Visual Studio, which is free for many developers and Companies. The Integrated Development Environment enables developers to build application and servers for Web, Windows, iOS and Andriod. The current version is Release Candidate (RC). The Community version is a full version, it can use extentions and it is possible to create your own. It is FREE for open source projects, academic research, training, education and small professional teams. was an online file storage. Just like most other cloud based file storages, it used a permanently running application to be installed on the computer. The application ran quitely and the user could choose which root folder to use (which isn’t possible with e.g. Dropbox). Using the application and web based tool, could cause the files to bestored with wrong access permissions, or not be visible at all. It was possible to share  content with other users, and also to make some content read-only. A free account gave 15 GBytes of storage – compared to the 2 GBytes from Dropbox.


xSQL Software has several tools that are useful when working with MS SQL Server databases, e.g. comparing and syncronizing Schema and data. SQL Schema Compare can compare and syncronize Schemas; while SQL Data Compare compares and syncronize data; and Scripter Executer runs scripts. SQL Server Express and 2005 – 2014 are supported.  The tools are free for MS SQL Server Express and regular MS SQL Server up to 25 tables and 40 views, while the Script Executer is free for personal use.


Zopim is a tool for real-time support on a web site. The Zopim is overlayed on the web page, and allows visitors and support staff to chat in real time. It can integrate with Zendesk help desk.  The 14-day trial and the Lite version is free and the monthly pricing for the Basic version starts at US$14 per user support staff. The free version allows 1 support staff (Agent),1 concurrent chat and store chat history for 14 days.

Help Scout

Help Scout is an internet based customer support system. It allows collaboration among support personnel, reroutes support emails and is free for up to 3 email accounts which are consolidated into one mailbox. The free version is branded by Help Scout. For unlimited mailboxes, the monthly cost is US$15/user.


CDBurnerXP is NO LONGER a free tool for creation of CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays and HD-DVDs. It can read and write ISO images and is available in many languages. It is NOT free of malware, but uses OpenCandy. The author claims that It does not include adware or similar malicious components. That is false.

Microsoft Express

Microsoft Express is a free set of development tools for Web, Windows and database. The Web and Windows development can be done in C#, Visual basic and C++ while database uses SQL. The software is available as individual interactive downloads or as a complete package as an ISO image.

  • Visual Basic 2010 Express Edition
  • Visual C# 2010 Express Edition
  • Visual C++2010 Express Edition
  • All – Offline Install ISO image
  • MSDN Express Library
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition

Naturally some feaures from Visual Studio Pro is not available in the Express Editions. The lacking features include: Add-ins, Team Explorer, limited setup project, no office development. For SQL Server Express limitions include: Limited management, no Analysis Services, no Integration Services. Commercial use IS permitted according to the FAQ


Dropbox is a service that allows syncronizing of files from computers to an online place. Dropbox syncronize a specfied folder and subfolders, and you can syncronize files from many computers, e.g. home and work. You can also specify which folders to share with friends. The syncronization works on Windows, Mac and Linux, runs automatically and work through most firewalls. There is no limit on filesize. A 2 Gbytes dropbox account is free and you have to pay US$10/month for 50 Gbytes space.


Skydrive, or Windows Live Skydrive which is the complete name, is a free file storage service from Microsoft. You have to sign up for a Windows Live account and then you get 25 GB personal storage space and maximum file size is 50 MB. The service from Microsoft unfortunately require you to use a browser interface and does only allow copying of files, but not folders. SDExplorer, previously known as SkyDrive Explorer, is a free 3rd part add-in for Explorer which allows you to acces your SkyDrive with your Explorer. It is based on reverse engineering of the protocol used by Microsoft. It facilitates copying of folders and a payversion (€10) allows individual filesizes to be larger than 50 MB. For Total Commander users, a free file plugin exisists, but I have not been able to get stabile service from that plugin.